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By Kassandra Murawski on 3/22/2017


Over the course of this GOTR season, we will be featuring some of our AMAZING coaches on social media and getting to know a little bit more about them! Today, we’re specifically going to hear more from Renee Pelton and Lakeisha Claiborne.

Renee Pelton was born on River Falls, WI. Her favorite childhood memory was spending time with her grandparents. She explains, “I was one of seven children. They only took one at a time, so it was a special time. Also, my birthday was the day after my grandmother’s …  we would celebrate together.” She currently works at Park Brook Elementary and lives in Champlin, MN.

When asked what her favorite thing about GOTR is, she replied, I love the energy and the thought provoking questions of the curriculum.  I love spending fun time with the girls and the other coaches”.

Her fondest memory is from the practice 5k. “I loved how one particular girl finished before all the others and jumped back in several times to bring in other runners across the finish line. It was awesome to see her support and the others motivated!”

And though it was tough to choose, her favorite energy award is the surfer one!

Lakeisha Claiborne was born in St. Paul, MN. Her favorite childhood memory “is roller skating and bike riding with my younger sister. We would do all sorts of tricks on both; the one I try to teach to my nieces and nephews is rollerblading through a line of pop cans.” Lakeisha currently resides in Maplewood, MN, and works as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Pullman Elementary.

On talking about her favorite thing about GOTR, she responded. “ It’s kind of hard to pick just one thing, because I love it so much! I think my favorite would be the way that GOTR empowers girls to be the best girl that they can be. GOTR gives girls a new confidence about themselves; encouraging them to try harder, to set new goals, and to feel strong and successful. I know that these skills will help girls become strong leaders as young adults and as women!”  We couldn’t agree more!

Like Renee, her fondest memory was also at her practice 5k. She describes, “My first practice 5K still gets me pretty emotional. Our last girl was coming in to the finish line, she was the girl who struggled throughout the season. The rest of the girls made a tunnel for her to run through, and the entire way in the girls were chanting her name. Watching her cross the finish line, with so much support was amazing! I felt so blessed to be apart of that experience. “  

And last, but certainly not least, her favorite energy award is "You’re awesome, you’re awesome, you’re faster than a possum!”

We love getting any opportunity to learn more from and build our community of coaches, participants, parents, and anyone else affiliated with Girls on the Run. If you want to share some more about your experience with GOTR, you can fill out this Google Form, and we’ll incorporate it into some of our social media!


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