Featured Coaches 2.0

By Kassandra Murawski on 4/5/2017

Get ready for Round 2 of our featured coaches! Today we will be meeting Nicole Nyberg and Maggie Lund.

Nicole Nyberg is a coach at Highland Catholic School, but while she is not coaching, Nicole is also a full-time student, an intern for GOTR, and a mother of two little ones. Needless to say, she’s got a lot going on, but we love that she finds the time to help her community by coaching these young girls. Nicole used to live in Los Angeles, but she now lives in Lakeville. Her favorite childhood memory was swimming in the backyard with all of her neighborhood friends.

When asked about what her favorite part of Girls on the Run is, she said, “Seeing the confidence build within each of the girls throughout the season”.  And that’s what we’re all about, right?!

Her favorite memory was the practice 5k… (I think we’re seeing a trend here. I know it’s over a month away, but everyone get excited for the practice 5k because you heard it from 3 veteran coaches: it is correlated to some of their best memories!) She explains, “This was the furthest distance most of the girls had ever gone. They were all smiles and beaming with pride when they crossed the finish line”. Lastly, the Truck Driver is her favorite energy award… Let’s all give Nicole a “Honk, Honk … Good job lil buddy!” for all the work she puts in at GOTR!



Next up we have Maggie Lund. Margaret is a 6th grade teacher at Eisenhower Elementary School. She was born in Edina and currently resides in Minneapolis.

The lessons and tools that the program equips these girls with are her favorite parts of GOTR. She continues, “It gives girls the tools they need to reach their greatest potential and helps them realize they are in charge of so much more than they realize, i.e. their attitudes towards a situation, who they surround themselves with, and what their personal values are. These are lessons some women don't learn until adulthood and GOTR is giving them the support to figure this tough stuff out earlier in life.”  It is so valuable that girls learn these tools and lessons at a young age so that they can discover their limitless potential even sooner! 

Maggie could not pick just one memory, so we’re sharing two! Her first was from the lesson on Collaboration. She describes, “There was a station where the girls drew a card for a workout to do. Some of the girls were getting tired so they started doing their selected card together and encouraging each other to keep going. I loved seeing their teamwork and encouragement!” We love to hear these girls working together to get things done!

And her next favorite memory? You guessed it! The practice 5k. “The energy and positivity radiating from the girls, their running buddies, and our school community that was there was amazing.” I think I can speak on behalf of all coaches when I say we are all SO looking forward to our practice 5ks and the memories we will take away from this day!

Let’s all celebrate Maggie by giving her her favorite energy award: “SUPER, SUPER, GIRL POWER!”

If you want to share some more about your experience with GOTR, you can fill out this Google Form, and we’ll incorporate it into some of our social media!



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