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By Kassandra Murawski on 2/1/2017

It is crazy to think that such an incredible program like Girls on the Run has only been around in the Twin Cities area for 5 years! Where was this program when we were younger, right? But the good news is, you can still get involved with the program and get JUST as much out of it! Regardless of age, women and girls have been able to learn so much not only from the curriculum, but also from each other.

An amazing opportunity for you to get involved hands on is to join your Twin Cities community in becoming a Girls on the Run coach! There are still Head Coach and Assistant Coach positions open all across the Twin Cities area.

I could go on and on about how great this program is and why you should be involved, but I think that we should hand it off to some of our past coaches. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Coaching was so rewarding! The girls have the ability to change my mood (for a positive) in seconds! It is hard with a full time job, but it is worth the rearranging to know that the girls are making a positive impact on me, and I hope I am on them.”


“I cannot imagine NOT being a part of this. It is the best volunteering experience I have ever had in my many years of volunteering with various groups. I love seeing how the girls grow and enjoy being a part of it. There are so many good things about this that I can't even mention everything!”

“The girls give way more to me than I'm sure I give to them!!! It's totally therapeutic for me, helps me feel connectedto my community... and allows me to use my gifts in a truly meaningful way. I adore this organization.”


As you can tell, there are many rewards to becoming a coach and mentor for these girls that are going through a major growing period in their life. If you are looking to make a lasting impact on the lives of our future women in society WHILE still learning and growing yourself, then being a coach is the volunteering opportunity for you.

There’s a group of girls just waiting for you to be their coach, mentor, listener, and friend, so join us in empowering girls by signing up to be an official coach for the Spring 2017 season by clicking here

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